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Board of Directors

brengei katosang

Director Brengei Katosang, Esq., AIF®, L5

  • Term: 2016-present
  • Expertise: Private Sector (Law & Legal matters)
  • Occupation: Associate Attorney for Law Firm of Siegfried B. Nakamura
  • Other Memberships: Hawaii State Bar Association, President of Palau Bar Association
everdil rechebei

Director Everdil Rechebei
Vice Chairwoman

  • Term: 2019-2022
  • Expertise: Financial Management
  • Occupation: Chief Financial Officer/Finance & Accounting Manager, Civil Service Pension Plan
  • Other Memberships: National Development Bank of Palau Board
steven victor

Director Steven Victor, AIF®, L5

  • Term: 2012-present
  • Expertise: Conservation Planning, Science and Management
  • Occupation:  Deputy Director, The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
  • Other Memberships: Pacific Marine Resource Institute (PMRI)
jack kittinger

Director Jack Kittinger

  • Term: 2020-present
  • Expertise: Conservation Planner, Researcher, Publisher
  • Occupation: Senior Director, Global Fisheries and Aquaculture Program, Conservation International
  • Other Memberships:  Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, Advisory Board Chair; Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Chairman-Board of Directors; Minderoo Foundation, Global Fishing Index, Advisory Panel Member; Althelia Ecosphere-Sustainable Ocean Fund, Expert Board; Sea-web Seafood Summit Advisory Board
kadoi ruluked

Director Kadoi Ruluked

  • Term: 2020-present
  • Expertise: Tourism & Governmental Affairs
  • Occupation: Managing Director, Palau Visitors Authority
  • Other Memberships: Red Cross, Belau Tourism Association
ralph moses

Director Ralph Moses

  • Term: 2020-present
  • Expertise: Sales & Financial Management
  • Occupation: Station/Sales Manager, BlueBay Petroleum
  • Other Memberships: National Development Bank of Palau Board