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Helen Reef


"We the people of Hatohobei State envision our islands to have an abundance of natural resources, a healthy pristine environment, and our community and friends are engaged in the sustainable use and management, utilizing traditional and scientific knowledge of our natural resources for us all today and our children in the future."


Helen Reef is one of the Pacific most outstanding atolls in terms of its area, ecological integrity, biomass and biodiversity with over 500 species of fish, 282 species of hard corals and 43 species of soft coral.

Hatohobei State Helen Reef Management Plan goals are:

Helen Reef is significantly threatened by destructive fishing by foreign vessels. A major challenge is compliance for this remote area as fuel cost are prohibitive and require major commitments of funding.  Climate Change is a major threat to this low lying atoll. A Local Early Action Plan (LEAP) for Climate was prepared with support from the Micronesian Challenge Trust.  Actions to achieve this outcome include adaptation to climate change in their management plan after learning about climate change adaptation by attending trainings and networking with experienced countries and programs.

Resources: Andrew, W. S. Atkinson, M. Guilbeaux, and A Wong. 2011. Helen Reef Management Plan 2011-2016. In consultation with The Helen Reef Board: Delegate Wayne Andrew, Governor Thomas Patris, Jackie Victor, Carter Ngiralbong. Helen Reef Staff: Rosania Victor and Albino Fernando, The Hatohobei State Leadership, and the Hatohobei Community.