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Kerradel conservation network


"By 2031, the people of Ngaraard State will continue to enjoy their marine and terrestrial resources in the conservation areas through sustainable harvesting practices and income from their natural, historical and cultural resources based on a sustainable eco friendly tourism industry."


Ngaraard’s Kerradel Conservation Network Management Plan objectives include that the natural resources (species) are healthy and can be sustainably used. Indicators include the following:

(1) No fires
(2) Invasive species identified and controlled
(3) Decline in illegal hunting of birds and illegal harvesting of plants; and
(4) Climate Change better understood and addressed by the development of a Vulnerability Assessment and Action Plan.

Ngaraard’s Kerradel Conservation Network Management Plan calls for the establishment of baseline conditions as a major focus of their Management Plan in the first year. This includes collection of existing data and implementation of a socioeconomic survey. Their goals for mid-term years includes regular monitoring and discrete research projects that build understanding of the Conservation Areas. The major focus of their fifth year is to compare the effectiveness of their Plan against baseline conditions including follow-up monitoring and preparation of reports. Another goal is that Ngaraard’s natural resources and species are healthy and abundant and able to provide for the subsistence use.

Specific measureable targets for 2016 are as follows:

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