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What is the pan fund?

Palau has a long history of community tenure and management of marine and terrestrial resources by local chiefs. However, traditional systems were increasingly stressed by local and global changes to the environment. Traditional knowledge and governance structures were weakening and chiefs were unable to apprehend illegal fishers and poachers. The global coral bleaching event of 1998 was a decisive moment as it became apparent that nationwide strategies were needed to increase resilience of marine ecosystems in the face of climate change. To address these concerns and to safe¬guard against future threats to livelihoods, culture and rich biodiversity, the govern¬ment implemented the Protected Areas Network, which is a countrywide system of connected protected areas in both terrestrial and marine environments.

The Republic of Palau created an independent non profit organization to serve as a financial trustee of the monies obtained to support the PAN to manage the funds from donations and arrival fees. This nonprofit organization is called the PAN Fund.

The PAN Fund is mandated to do the following:

  1. Seek outside funding sources for States' conservation and sustainable development efforts
  2. Leverage sources of outside funding through mechanisms such as the Micronesian Conservation Trust
  3. Ensure that outside funding is used for the purposes established by and required by outside donors

PAN Fund Process

The Pan Process

Nomination Process