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Teluleu conservation area


"Kemam el chad er a Belilou a somam el mengeluolou e melisiich a dikesam ra beluu ma daob meng melemolem el klungiolir ar chad ra beluu. Mal uasei ia kloumerang el kmo, tial Teluleu a mo otutii e smisichii a uldasu el kirel a omsubel, klekerngel, usbechel, omengedmeklel, ma klebekelel el kirel a telecheroll el merael mei."


Goals to achieve this vision are:

Teluleu  is a place where many key species of juvenile fish aggregate, various types of sea cucumbers, sea urchins, clams and other species of economic importance are found. Protection of Teluleu makes sense to the community as it has always been a guaranteed place to catch fish to feed the family with easy access.  Local residents report a consistent supply of juvenile napoleon wrasse, humphead parrotfish, groupers and turtles.

Threats to Teluleu include poaching, pollution, impacts of climate change and a threat only identified at this PAN site called dilids or red tide.   The impact of climate change is a major concern as Peleliu was greatly impacted by Super typhoon Bopha in December of 2012.

Resources: Peleliu State. 2012. Teleleu Conservation Area Five Year Management Plan 2013-2018.