Tree planting in Airai State

Medal Ngediull


"In 10 years we so desire to see rampant sediment build-up and other forms of pollution eliminated from Medal Ngediull Conservation Area. That the area is full of life once again with abundant fish, turtles and all other living things that habituate inside Medal Ngediull. That our children, people of Airai, and all curious are given the opportunity to learn and participate in the conservation management of the Area, so they may one day sustain conservation actions to maintain the health, productivity, and important ecosystem services of Medal Ngediull, and that the area is contributing positive benefits to the well being of our people and the overall economy of the State of Airai."


In order to achieve this vision, the following goals were set:

Medal Ngediull Conservation Area is an important nursery area for many important food fish including rabbitfish, the humphead wrasse and the bumphead parrotfish. The mangroves support a population of mangrove crabs and the saltwater crocodile reside here as well.  The area was once healthy with an abundance of food fish and invertebrates, however the impacts of sedimentation, overgrown mangroves and poaching have greatly impacted this area.  The high rates of sedimentation provide additional substrate for young mangrove saplings to grow seaward infringing on seagrass habitats. High turbidity and numbers of coliform bacteria have been found in this area and the point source of pollution has not yet been identified but mostly like from development on land.  Poaching is occurring based on local observations and surveillance is based upon alerts by the community.

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