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Mesekelat watershed


"We the people of Ngchesar State desire to protect and conserve Ngelukes and Mesekelat and Ngchesar in its entirety to ensure that these natural assets are sustained for the benefit of the people of Ngchesar today and into the future."


The Ngchesar State Protected Area System includes the Mesekelat Conservation Area along its northeastern boundary as a terrestrial protected area and the Ngelukes Conservation Area as its marine protected area which is a large patch reef along its east coast. The Ngchesar State Protected Area System Management Plan for the Mesekelat Watershed includes two main goals:

In order to achieve these goal, the plan calls for the establishment of training, monitoring and evaluation programs. The Mesekelat Plan includes a budget for the production of educational and awareness materials and meetings and capacity training. Climate change, fire and invasive species were not identified specifically as threats. Enforcement, research, restoration and education are addressed in the plan.

Resources: Ngchesar State Conservation Management Action Plan Team with assistance from the Palau Conservation Society. 2011 Ngchesar Protected Area System Management Plan 2011- 2015.