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Organizational Structure

Organizational ChartPAN Fund is a registered non-profit corporation governed by a nine-member Board of Directors appointed by the initial four-member incorporators; namely The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Conservation International (CI), the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism (MNRET) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) with advice and consent of the Senate of the Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK-Palau National Congress). The Board of Directors’ major responsibilities include governance, fiduciary and grant-making. Subsequent appointments of directors, other than an ex-officio director and a director appointed in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, must be in accordance with procedures and regulations prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Republic of Palau Public Law (RPPL) 6-39 (the PAN Act) established a national system of support from the National Government of Palau to the States for its conservation programs to preserve, conserve and manage its natural resources and ecological biodiversity. RPPL 7-42 was then enacted creating a national financial mechanism and PAN Fund. The purpose of PAN Fund is to serve as a financial trustee corporation for all monies received for the PAN, to support and finance PAN projects and programs thus administering, managing, fundraising, investing, monitoring and disbursing PAN monies for the financial sustainability of the PAN in Palau for conservation of ecological biodiversity and sustainable management and use of its natural resources. These enabling legislations were published under Title 24 PNC Chapter 34 - Protected Areas Network.